Terrace and Inside

 Comfortable and pleasant with a welcoming and varied décor

We provide a sunny stopover for lunch with a brasserie type menu, extra suggestions as well as a daily “Homemade dish of the day”.
The South facing panoramic terrace has an incredible view over La Vallée des Belleville!
We also have a deck chair area where you can relax throughout the day.
And how about an afternoon tea break, with waffles and ice crea

Don't worry if the weather isn't brilliant : as well as our indoor dining room, this year we have a new heated outdoor area too.

Our little extra : rugs provided for those who feel cold


Don't worry if the weather isn't brilliant: we have a beautiful indoor dining room.
It is place full of discrete charm, combining a warm wooden décor with high comfort.
If you lunch near the central fireplace, the log fire will warm you up while the huge windows let in lots of light.
Come and judge for yourself.