The Grand Lac Snack.
Quick snacks at attractive prices.

Whether you are looking for traditional or gastronomic cooking or something more modern, here is a glimpse what we offer, always generous, varied and delicious …. 

Traditional :

Onion gratin  
Croziflette with morels
Sausages in white wine sauce

Bilberry tart

Brasserie :

Salade niçoise
Steak and chips
Chocolate mousse

Gastronomic :

Salade landaise
Duck magret
Fillet of beef
Salmon with sorrel
Gourmet coffee

Our specials :

Warm goat's cheese salad
Savoyarde tartine
Lasagna and salad
The Grand Lac's “Hot Box”

If you prefer a fixed menu, how about a Grand Lac salad, a “plat du jour” followed by cheese or pudding ?
Discover Le Grand lac’s Menu, a mountain restaurant ideally situated on the pistes between Saint Martin and Les Menuires If just one course is enough, choose our “plat du jour” 15 € or one of our suggestions.

IIf you come with the family, there is a children's menu which comes with a surprise 11.50 €.

And all of the above accompanied by a relaxed ambience and sensible prices.

A Bientôt.